Hey, I’m Sherin! (That’s pronounced just like it is spelled: “Cher” – in)

I am an optimistic, cheerful person by nature, and a true extrovert – I absolutely love a party! But I was forced to wrestle with  deeper, more serious issues when suffering disrupted my life in my earliest days.

After enduring a traumatic childhood, I wondered if anything good could be possible for someone like me since all the statistics were stacked against me. Honestly, I was not sure if it was worth the fight to get there. The life I had was destroyed, and it just seemed easier to give up.

I needed to know that the rest of life would not be like the first 17 years. Through an incredible series of events, my atheist self was incredibly shocked to find that in faith! To be specific, Christianity – which, frankly, was the one I found most objectionable when I observed how Christians at large conducted themselves.

But despite of my aversion, I realized that, at the end of the painful process of grieving and healing, there was still a life worth living. Better still, there could even be real joy when I got there. Of course, no one lives a life free from grief (at least not on this side of eternity), but I knew there could be an end to the acute anguish I felt in those early years. I now believed that my life still had value beyond what I could comprehend. That began a journey of learning to embrace a whole new way of life, and the joys and sorrows that can come with it.

With faith, I suddenly saw my whole life differently. Faith reframed everything I experienced, made it all seem much more vibrant, purposeful, real.

My personality didn’t change – I still can’t get enough of people… I live to socialize and have a good time! Now with my life of faith, I also started to learn how to nurture myself and others. God has a sense of humor, because my love of serving people has led me to become (very reluctantly!) a pastor.

If you are interested in looking to grow, and push back the encroaching darkness – then let’s do this together because I’ve found that even in the most hopeless moments, we can be changed for the better, but we can’t do it alone… and we were never meant to. I truly hope you find encouragement for the journey here.