Priorities: Who’s First?

My second time preaching on a Sunday morning, and I get the flu! As though my nerves weren’t enough, I was just getting over the sore muscles and fatigue when Sunday morning rolled around.

However, in spite of all the reasons to worry, I find once again that in my weakness, He shows Himself strong. Wrestling with this passage challenged my depth of commitment and trust, as well as my faith in God.

You see, this word frames why we set our priorities a certain way. Ultimately, it is yet another reminder along my life’s journey that we must pause periodically to examine and re-examine our priorities:

When I look at how I spend my time, energy, and money… does my life reflect the right priorities? Or have other things crept in and slowly shifted my focus? Have I surrendered my most precious resources to things that don’t matter? Am I expecting to God to work according to my plan, or am I yielding to his?

There are so many distractions, and they lure me in with their cries for my attention: “This is really important!” “No, no, no. THIS is really important, people will be so upset if you don’t do it.” “No – this cannot wait, so it has to come first!”

I find myself having to re-calibrate because my gaze is prone to wander away from the most important things, and I lose perspective.

Without the right perspective, I will always let the “tyranny of the urgent” set my priorities.

And yet, we shouldn’t be discouraged, because every time we find we’ve mixed up our priorities and lost our way, it also means we’ve found an opportunity to turn our attention back to the things that really matter.

I hope this sermon encourages you to find those places where you can grow in trust and experience God’s careful, loving provision for you!

WHO’S FIRST at New York Covenant Church.